Embracing Responsibility at the Niedax Group

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At the Niedax Group, being a trailblazing manufacturer of cable management systems isn't just about innovation and excellence – it's about embracing our responsibility to the planet and its people. 

Environmental Harmony, Resource Responsibility


From the materials we source to the energy we consume, environmental compatibility is our guiding principle. We are resolute in our pursuit of value creation that harmonizes with the planet's well-being. Through meticulous resource management and energy-conscious practices, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint. 


Aligned with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 


Our dedication to sustainability is anchored in the principles outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals resonate with our values and resonate through our actions. We hold ourselves accountable to these ethical benchmarks, ensuring that our operations align with the broader goals of humanity's well-being and environmental preservation. 

Rooted in Niedax Values Charter


Our journey towards sustainability is steeped in our Niedax Values Charter. The tenets of integrity, honesty, respect for human dignity, and the celebration of diversity are at the core of our approach. We foster an environment of openness and non-discrimination, valuing differences in religion, philosophy, gender, and origin, as we collectively strive for a better world. 

We invite you to join us on this journey. As we manufacture solutions that power industries, we also empower sustainability – in the ways we operate, the products we create, and the legacy we leave for generations to come. 

Thank you for believing in the power of sustainable progress. 

Welcome to the Niedax Group – Where Responsibility Meets Innovation. 

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